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As an avid book lover herself (her Goodreads is filled with hundreds of books), Sarah puts all of her passion into making each character she narrates come alive. Above all, Sarah put collaboration first in this creative process, and always makes sure the author’s vision is being executed.

Accents include: American (neutral), New York, Long Island, New Jersey, Southern, Midwestern, Scottish, Irish, Russian, British (RP , BBC, London, Cockney, etc.)

Types Sarah is often hired for: Sassy, Sarcastic, Romance, Witty banter, Strong women, Girl Next Door

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"The perfect fit!"

"I knew she was the 'one' right from the start."

"An absolute joy to work with."

"It was an absolute delight working with Sarah Sampino as the voice actress for my novel, The Neighbor's Secret...Sarah's voice is charming and pulls you into the story with great inflections and emotion...She was the perfect fit for my book and I'm already figuring out which novel I'd like her to narrate next!"
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Kimberley Montpetit
USA Today Bestselling Author of The Neighbor's Secret: A Secret Billionaire Romance

"Wholeheartedly recommend."

"She has a strong, clear female voice, which was exactly what I needed for this character. She is also able to pitch her voice low to bring the male characters to life. It was very excited to hear them after only imagining them in my mind while writing them...I wholeheartedly recommend her, and I plan to work with her again!"
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Suzanna Thompaso
Author of Tomboy
"I couldn't be more pleased with the work Sarah did for me on my book Lysandra. I knew she was the "one" right from the start. She has a beautiful voice and a knack for accents. She really made my book come alive. Her timing, tone, and pace were spot on. A true professional, yet at the same time very friendly and easy to work with. I highly recommend her services!
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T.J Zakreski
Author of Lysandra (The Cygnus Virus)

"I couldn't be more pleased!"

"I couldn't be more pleased with Sarah and her excellent narration of my novel. She managed to capture the essence of the story and inhabit the characters with their myriad personalities and accents to bring my book to life just as I imagined it. She is a true professional who is as easy to work with as she is talented."
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Barbara Oliverio
Author of Peak to Peak: A Romantic Comedy with Altitude
"The moment I heard her narration, I knew Sarah would be able to personify the unique complexities of each fictional character. Not only is she a professional speaker with her intensely focused audiobook narrations, she's an absolute joy to work with, a real team player. Sarah is a true star."
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Maura Burd
Author of the bestselling 'Only For You' Series

"Followed my production notes to a tee."

"Sarah's performance made the book realistic and true to my words and experience. She was professional, easy to work with, and followed my production notes to a tee...Would recommend her without hesitation and hope to collaborate again on a future project."
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Talayah Jackson
Author of Crush the Climb